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KitchenAid is an American home appliance brand owned by Whirlpool Corporation. The company was started in 1919 by The Hobart Manufacturing Company to produce stand mixers; the "H-5" was the first model introduced. The company faced competition as rivals moved into this emerging market, and introduced its trademarked silhouette in the 1930s with the model "K", the work of designer Egmont Arens.

Emily angrily mentioned, "I never received my over $300 KitchenAid stand mixer (which, as other people have said, is incredibly overpriced since it can almost always be found at a lower price from third-party sellers). It was either stolen or misplaced by FedEx, and even though FedEx admitted that they had lost the package, KitchenAid customer service refused to help me in any way by replacing or refunding the mixer. After calling twice and waiting for nearly 2 hours on hold altogether, they basically told me it was my problem to deal with it. Regardless of what FedEx said happened, I never received/signed for/or saw my package and therefore I should be sent a new one. I don't know why that is so hard to accept. Bottom line, if you want a KitchenAid mixer, order it from a third party seller because if something goes wrong KitchenAid customer service WILL NOT HELP YOU. Or just buy another brand, like Cuisinart, Smeg, Bosch, or Ankarsrum."


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Kitchen Staff (Former Employee) says

"Nice job enjoyed working there. Wasnt too fond of the constant stentch of urine but if thats ok with you go right ahead and apply. People there are super nice overall everyone smiles."

SALES EXECUTIVE (Current Employee) says

"Es una buena empresa si te quieres quedar fijo en un lugar. Sirve para relacionarte y tener lo mejor de ti si te gusta este medio. Es una empresa que se estanca y no permite que crezcas.Estabilidad por ley en un trabajo.Mala administración de la tienda. Y no respaldo para que las cosas mejoren"

Karen H says

"On hold now for over an hour regarding a technical question on a Kitchen Aid oven I spent $3,000 on. Absolutely sickening. LAST TIME I EVER PURCHASE A KITCHEN AID PRODUCT."

Susan says

"My husband and I have an extended warranty, had a problem with our freezer and tried to set up an appointment for service. One hour and fifteen minutes on hold until I got through, was then transferred to the warranty department where I waited another thirty minutes. Only one authorized Kitchen Aid service company in our area (this company services a huge area) so I couldn't get an appointment for three weeks. The day before the appointment I was notified by email my appointment had been cancelled (no idea why) so we hired a company privately to fix the freezer which cost us $2,400.00 to repair. DO NOT BUY ANY WHIRLPOOL or KITCHEN AID products, their customer service is HORRENDOUS and basically non-non-existant ."

Ginger Giltner says

"We purchased and had installed the 24" KitchenAid wall oven model #KOSC604ESS in 9/2019. Before it was even less then a year old still covered under manufacturer warranty we had to call for service. I used the self-clean cycle and after approximately 2 hours of the 3 hour cycle the entire oven shut off and remained locked until we could have a service man out. That was March, 2019. He replaced the thermostat. That was time one. We then noticed the oven was baking very hot. After using a ThermoPro probe with an external temperature gauge we realized it was generally baking between 35 and 40 degrees higher then then temperature showing on the front panel of the oven. We have called again for service. They will be here tomorrow. I decided to clean the oven before the service representatives arrive and again after 2 hours of the 3 hour cycle the oven is totally off and remains locked. After reading several reviews, this appears to be a constant problem with this oven. So wish we had known that before we spent the extra money for what we thought was a superior appliance. Thank goodness we purchased the 5 year extended warranty through Home Depot. Not really certain how we will handle this when that warranty runs out in 5 years - I guess no longer clean my oven, which makes zero sense. You can't clean the oven with oven cleaner or anything along that line. So extremely frustrated with this purchase! We have been home owners for 35+ years and by far this is the worst appliance ever purchased. We have purchased Boesch, Wolf, LG, Maytag, GE and even Kenmore. Kichenaid is the worst! Save yourself frustration and move past this oven to another brand. Boesch looks to have better reviews."

Michael Durda says

"KitchenAid, another worthless whirlpool company, never answers the phone, has limited/worthless information on the site, and it's all because they're too cheap to hire people. Garbage company. Parts do not fit, parts disintegrate in the dishwasher, and the stand mixers are good for only two years - if you use them. BUY ANY OTHER MFG."

KIT says

"Terrible customer service! They first said they can not refund it if the unit was purchased in 2019. I stated that the item was purchased only 6 moths ago. they keep changing the version of that they said in previous emails and they keep trying to avoid answering and dealing with the case by referring me to the subsidiary that already told me that can not help me since they dont know when they can source spare parts from KitchenAid. They are not even able to tell me what exactly they can do to solve the issue!"

Mr A Watts says

"Avoid at all costs. Quite simply the worst customer service experience that I have ever had. Faulty product still not refunded and getting through to customer services by phone or email is virtually impossible. I have literally never know anything like it. Appalling customer service and clearly I am not alone. Avoid at all costs. A-bys-mal."

CD says

"I ordered and paid for a part in September 2020. Numerous calls and emails later I still don't have the part or refund. I have had to wait up to 20 minutes for an answer to find the representatives are slow, don't understand your problem and basically no help at all. If you buy an expensive product you expect decent service when it goes wrong. They now say they cannot get me the part but I asked for a refund over a month ago and have still not received it. 4 months after paying for it."

Justin Stratman says

"I have a KUDC25CHSS1 model dishwasher made by Kitchenaid that needed a water inlet gasket. They no longer carry or make this part. Rendering my dishwasher useless. Never again! THEY DO NOT SUPPORT THEIR PRODUCTS! Disposable Products - Have to throw it out. On hold for 1.5 hours with NO resolution"

Ayla says

"Ordered a brand new artisan stand mixer 2 weeks ago directly from the kitchen aid website. Upon opening the top of the box there was a 6” long black scratch on the head of the mixer. The sturdy foam insulation also had been completely destroyed. The box it was shipped in wasn’t damaged whatsoever, so this product was PACKED like this. No idea how it passed quality control and it definitely looks like a refurb. Called them right away to initiate exchange and was on hold for 2 hours. First time I got through the call dropped on their end. Called back and another hour later an agent said she placed the order for the new mixer and ended the call. No confirmation number, tracking number or instructions to return defective mixer. Called a third time to ask for confirmation number and the agent said all their mixers are now back ordered for 8 weeks! The agent who said she ordered me the new one did not mention that. Ok. So I ask for a refund instead, and they tell me I have to wait 2 weeks to receive the return shipping label from Fedex.. and that after their warehouse receives the mixer, it will be another 3 weeks until I’m credited my $380. That’s almost 2 months being out $380 with no mixer. I’m appalled and frankly confused why in this day and age it takes 2 weeks to be emailed a shipping label let alone process a return in 5 plus weeks. Zero apology from any of the agents I spoke with and this is highway robbery. Stay away."

Diane Giesbrecht says

"Bought all kitchenaid appliances, fridge is the 2door freezer on bottom ice maker inside, june 2020 no ice could be made, tech came out replaced ice unit, the next 3 days ice maker wouldn’t stop making ice freezer full open door ice falling out tech came out again,turned ice maker off completely, so now it’s been since july 2020 no ice and all dairy freezes and Vegas freeze. I have fridge set at 44 degrees should be 38, no fix not able to have it fixed as a part (mother board) so tech tells me is needed, calling service 2-3x per mos and yes jan 2021 still no answere no fix! What about 7 months of spoiled Vegas and dairy??I have the extended warranty on the unit but seems to mean zero! So very dissatisfied with service and fridge itself. Would trade it in a minute! Then last week my kitchenaid dishwasher element is rusting! Are you kidding!! Paid 12,000.00 & for fridge/stove/dishwasher and microwave All at one purchase in 2018 winter. Whatever happened to quality!!"

Joshua Taylor says

"The website does not work well. It shows MANY available units for sale but after waiting for an hour to talk to customer service I find out there are NO units new or refurbished in stock. I wasted a lot of time and ended up going to a different website for purchase."

Alexandru Ionica says

"Warranty claim for Cutlery ... very bad experience so in my opinion they do not care about customers so I will not buy their products anymore ! Nov. 2020 I called Whirlpool few times and few departments and they had NO idea who was responsible for Cutlery warranty and finally I asked to speak with Customer Service a Manger and they gave me who deals with warranty: Accent Fairchild Rob from this company said they do not anymore so he was kind to contact Whirlpool to open the claim with tem on my behalf. Jan.07 2021 After more than 2 months ... finally Whirlpool called me and guess what they said again it is suppose to be Accent again. In the end they offered me 50CAD credit towards purchasing other KitchenAid products from Canada ... but NOT cutlery which they said they do not sell again. I requested 100CAD which I thought would be more fair for my wasted time and frustration dealing with Whirlpool but was not accepted. Anyway I refused to 50CAD credit because it is nothing compared to my time wasted and the respect I lost about this brand during this experience ... very disappointed. I even mentioned that I would not buy again KitchenAid and I will upload reviews about their company so that others should learn about it. They will lose more than 50 CAD they offered me."

Alex Valdi says

"Really bad customer service, i was on the line waiting for 2 hours just for them to answer my call, then they put me on hold for another 45 min. And they can't resolve my problem!!! I send a fax for a contract transfer on October 13, 2020 and they say they don't recive it, telling me to call on the next 7 business days, and i call every 7 days several times, send another fax on November 16. 2020, and nothing!!! Don't buy these brand!!! I can't believe (appliances) their items. are really expensive and they can treat customers better! They not even deserve a 1 star 👎👎👎👎👎"

Kerneen Wright says

"I gave one star because zero wasn't available. I admit, I ordered an incorrect product, but don't try to contact customer service to initiate a return. I hung up my chat after 6+ minutes without any kind of acknowledgement that I was waiting, and hung up my call to customer service after 25+ minutes of the same thing. Not only will I never order from them again, but also I will tell everyone I know about their disregard for customers. I don't know if they think they are above needing/providing customer service, but Kitchenaid would be well-advised that we do, in fact, matter."

Philip says

"This is the worst customer service experience I have EVER had. I tried to call 3 times only to be put on 30-45 minute hold each time. I ultimately hung up, each time. That's probably their strategy. "Live Chat"? What a joke. Nobody is at the other end of the chat. They have effectively walled themselves off from their customers."

Michael says

"Purchased a Pulte home in Florida with a Kitchen aide refrigerator. In a 5 month time we have had to have the repairman out to fix the same problem. The refrigerator begins to ice up and the temperature rises to unsafe temperature to keep perishable food. Kitchen aide sends out the same parts each time but, it does not fix the problem. This has all been under warranty. Have done some research and Kitchen aide is aware of this problem with their refrigerator. There refrigerator is a health problem and Kitchen aide is refusing to replace the refrigerator. CONSUMER BEWARE DO NOT PURCHASE A KITCHEN AIDE REFRIGERATOR."

connie vanbibber says

"In less than 5 years all my kitchen aid major appliances needed multiple repairs. Oven, fridge, dishwasher. Replaced fridge after 4 years, with LG. Getting warranty repairs is terrible and takes weeks without your appliance. Now on my fourth dishwasher repair, could have bought 2 new ones cheaper. Can't operate microwave and oven at same time because it makes oven error. Leaking rf interference."

ZH says

"I ordered an Artisen Mixer but received the product with multiple paint defects. I called 5 times but not once got an answer with each call being put on hold for at least 30 minutes. The Livechat was not live. It was a lie made by Kitchenaid corporation. They did not pack a shipping slip in the box for me to fill out the return portion for a return. All these are designed to obstruct a return attempt. I will place a payment dispute with American Express when the credit card statement arrives. That seems to be my only option. ZH Lincoln, NE"

anthony says

"I ordered a 5qt mixer for my wife for Christmas, I received an email that it was delivered by fedex. It hasn’t been delivered. Tried calling kitchenaid 3 times, was on hold for 2 hours each time, then disconnected. Tried to reach out to them because fedex is unreachable. Screw this company."

Eric Kassor says

"I spent 45 minutes on hold with the parts department. When the agent finally answered I explained I needed to replace my old cooktop with new model since Kitchenaid doesn't manufacture replacement cooktops any longer for my model. He refused to look up the item I was interested and didn't care how long I was on hold, immediately tranferring me to "new sales" who would check compatibility for me. I waited 30 minutes on hold. Whirlpool (parent company) answered and when I explained my needs they said I was in the wrong place and wanted to transfer me again to Kitchenaid, again refusing to check for me. Pathetic."

Clay Compton says

"We purchased a Kitchenaid dishwasher in March 2020, and the sump motor is no longer working. Called the dealer where we purchased in Christiansburg, Va who put in a work order. The repairman called without coming out to the house and knew what the problem is - the sump motor. He said they have a backlog in repair orders as there is no available parts for repair. He indicated that this had been going on for three months, and is not certain when any parts may be available. Buyers of dishwahers, beware!"

Formulation says

"No customer support, mixer screeching at first use. Screws loose, one missing. Worst product experience ever."

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